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Why someone comes into our life: A season, a reason or a lifetime

Everyone you meet comes into your life with a purpose. There are no mistakes or coincidences. They come for a season, a reason or a lifetime.

As we change and evolve it is inevitable that we will outgrow most relationships in our lives. Understanding this helps to ease the pain of having to let go of ones you once held close to your heart. Very few are meant to walk your journey with you and it is important to know once their purpose is served, they will leave no matter how much you try to hold on.

The Universe has a plan, but she reveals it in pieces as you are ready. Have faith that she doesn’t take someone away without bringing someone else in when you need it.

The difficult part is being able to recognize each relationship for what it is and having the courage to let go when the time comes.

When someone comes into our life for a season, it is temporary. It often goes from exciting or interesting to empty rather quickly. We can appreciate and be grateful for the time spent, moments shared and conversations had. They come in at the right time and the right place to aid in our growth even in some slight way. Though these are typically without pain or attachment, they can still hold a lasting effect. Just like out of nowhere they seemed to appear, they are fleeting before they are gone.

The reason is more complicated and often moonlights as our lifetime connections. These are our teachers and our biggest lessons repeatedly presented to us until we learn them. They are a reflection of our self worth and the manifestation of our internal beliefs. These connections may last several years, but as we travel the long road back to ourselves and uncover our own truths, we are forced to examine their value. Once we realize they no longer support our growth, we must accept and release. These are the souls that we inevitably create tremendous attachment to and cause us significant pain and suffering. It can feel as if we are letting go of a part of ourselves as we struggle to detach. However, within this transformation lies great beauty.

We can not become who we are meant to be if we are holding on to who we thought we were. Their purpose was only to guide the way.

The lifetime bonds are rare and never the ones we expect. Sometimes they are the ones that have always been there in the shadows and step out when needed. Almost forgotten, but never out of reach. Often they are the ones we meet later in life when our soul is open to receiving. These connections are sustained due to a balance of support, trust, respect and soulful challenge. They are gifted the ability to evolve with us on our path while simultaneously walking theirs.

Embrace the souls who embrace you and continuously show up when they could just as easily shut down. Not only do they know your story, but they are a part of it. They are your spirit guides in human form.

Be grateful to the ones who let you go. They could see before you, that they could no longer walk the journey beside you. Although you may not feel ready or comprehend why, trust the flow. The universe is always on time.

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