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We are all mind travelers, but where do we go, if not here?

Research shows a mere 3 seconds is how long humans are capable of being present before thoughts enter our mind.

So where are we, if not here?

Sometimes lost in overwhelming feelings of nostalgia. Wishing we could’ve somehow known we were in the good ole days while we were actually in them. Unfortunately, our complex minds are always living for what’s next, unaware of the profound impact ordinary moments will have on us down the road.

If only I could tell my younger self to slow down. To love what is and be grateful for where you are because everything is temporary and this too shall pass.

Other times we are pulled into the what ifs of the future. Stewing in anxiety mixed with doubt and overflowing with fear. Rarely stopping to contemplate that perhaps the best really is yet to come and the turmoil we feel is self inflicted and unnecessary.

I imagine that my future self would tell me that everything will be alright. That the good guys always win in the end and true love really does conquer all. And although life can not be experienced without pain, it’s also filled with an abundance of joy because one cannot exist without the other. Being the eternal optimist that you are, you know the brightest of rainbows always come after the most treacherous of storms.

Studies show 80% of our thoughts are negative and most often those are of pain from the past. Replaying old memories and conversations like the lyrics to your favorite song you never forget. However, we aren’t just mentally remembering. Like with any great song, it takes you back to that moment in time and the feelings it evoked. Feeling it all, all over again.

Oddly comforting like a cozy blanket wrapped around us, causing suffering to continue in the present and paralyze us from moving forward.

Past or future, the what ifs haunt us just the same. They linger in the back of our mind, waiting for a sliver of doubt to grab hold. Only to emerge from the shadows to judge our mistakes, question our choices and push us into a new spiral of what ifs.

We disregard that there was no other way it could have been for our soul to evolve and fulfill its earthly purpose. Our path was the only path.

Instead of looking back in pain, look back with appreciation for how far you’ve come, what you have achieved and how much you've grown. Use the past as a catalyst to fuel you forward when you feel stuck. The alternative is a mental cage you unknowingly lock yourself in.

Just like we can’t change the past, we can never be certain about our future. If we are experiencing repetitive anxiety or illogical predictions, we are creating our own pain and choosing to suffer.

It’s impossible for us to not think back or look forward. Perhaps the most we can do is bring our awareness to it when it’s happening and ask yourself why. What in the present moment triggered these thoughts? Is your mind trying to distract or protect you? Is there a wound that still needs healing or feelings left to be acknowledged?

Understand your emotional pattern and how your thoughts manifest. Then with compassion, let the ones go that hurt you.

Choose to believe with your whole being, that where you are meant to be is exactly where you are.

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