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February: The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav

This powerful message from the Universe will change your perspective on how you see yourself and view the world.....

The Seat of the Soul encourages you to become the authority in your own life. It will change the way you see the world, interact with other people, and understand your own actions and motivations. Beginning with evolution, Gary Zukav takes you on a penetrating exploration of the new phase humanity has entered: we are evolving from a species that understands power as the ability to manipulate and control—external power—into a species that understands power as the alignment of the personality with the soul--authentic power. Our evolution requires each of us to make the values of the soul our own: harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. Using his scientist’s eye and philosopher’s heart, Zukav shows us how to participate fully in this evolution, enlivening our everyday activities and all of our relationships with meaning and purpose.

Fuel For Thought Questions:

1. Have you ever had a multisensory experience or do you think you may have had one? Visualize it in your mind and describe

it out loud or write it down.

2. Name several examples of external power. Have you had any or multiple experiences of authentic power? Name examples of this.

3. How often do you judge the people around you because of their appearance, clothing, skin color, beliefs, social status, possessions? Do you notice/think others are judging you for the same reasons?

4. Do you see Divinity in all forms of life? Spend some time seeing if you can see Divinity wherever you look.

5. Have you ever thought of your emotions as serving a purpose beyond fight or flight survival? What emotions do you encounter in yourself that you feel are based on fear? What emotions do you experience in yourself that you feel are base in love?

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