Surprising Benefits Of Journaling!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I bought my first journal (known then as my diary) in third grade at my school’s book fair and have kept one ever since. It came with my very own lock and key which I safely hid in my room. Only the best journals had a key and I had one! I knew this was a big deal and I took it very seriously. I wrote in it every single day after school. It served as a record of all my adventures as well as an outlet to analyze my big questions. Questions like why does Timmy chase me around at recess every day and will my dog go to heaven when she dies? It became my closest confidant and keeper of secrets.

As I grew from childhood to the roaring teen years and into adulthood, my journaling evolved with me. It became a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings, process my emotions, and work out any issues that came up. My journey led me down a path of spirituality and a quest for meaning and purpose. As my big questions got bigger, my journal unknowingly became my spirit guide as I navigated through life.

Studies have shown that consistent journaling can have a profound impact on your well being. Here are some of the greatest benefits you might be surprised to know.

1. Help heal pain and trauma

2. Ignite creativity

3. Clarify thoughts, feelings, and intentions

4. Reduce depression

5. Help set and achieve goals

6. Improve memory

7. Reduce stress and frustration

8. Process and solve daily challenges

9. Establish and maintain a profound connection to yourself

10. Evoke mindfulness

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