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My journey into yoga began after ending a long and turbulent relationship in 2016. I found yoga as a way to calm my mind and comfort my heart. Instead of going down a self destructive path, I turned to the practice to work through my pain. Despite the heavy emotions I felt each class, I gradually began to feel a shift within. It was a feeling I had never experienced before and knew I had discovered something extraordinary. 

Over time, I learned the benefits of connecting the mind, body and soul and just how powerful the breath truly is. I began to understand that yoga is more than physical postures, it’s a way of life. Diving deeper into yoga philosophy and mindfulness, I developed a meditation practice and utilized journaling as a tool for self exploration. All of these pieces led me to feel stronger, more confident and develop a balance within myself that had been unknowingly missing. Ultimately, I found yoga to be a guide to healing in all areas of my life. 

My personal experience is what inspired me to want to teach and create a platform for health and mindfulness. As I discovered the path back to myself, I developed a passion to be of service to others to do the same. My mission is to provide the space and support for everyone to heal their own pain and overcome daily challenges. From this process I have faith you will come through to the other side feeling empowered to live your truest and most fulfilling life. I believe all feelings need to be felt and that the yoga path will guide you through them with ease, balance and strength both on and off the mat. 

Healing the world starts with healing ourselves. 

Stacey received her 200- RYT certification with Alllson Jones and Nicole Siegel through Wonder Yoga. 

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